Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Broadway lighted mirror on Hayworth Vanity

I'm not used to this. I've been gone for a long while and now the Blogger settings look so different ... sigh.

I hope everyone is doing just gravy! Thought I'd pop in to say, "Hello!", and post a little something for the heck of it.

Recently, I've been updating my vanity area and stumbled upon this great lighted mirror which won my heart, Vanity Girl Hollywood's Broadway Lighted Mirror. When I first began creating a vanity for myself in January 2010, I was soon drooling over glamorous dressing areas lit up with bulging, bright bulbs.

At the time, my heart's desire was just a dream because I was too lazy to do it myself. Can't someone else make a pretty lighted mirror? Hello?! As always, the things wanted most take time to manifest, if they do at all. Thankfully, this lady's wishful thinking appeared and swept her off her feet!

Putting on makeup hasn't been more fun and I'm finding it hard to go to sleep because I gaze at this awesome contraption that is now my very own. Is it too much if I gift myself a second? Hmm...

Crazy me, I made a video and posted it on youtube (laughing at myself) of this inanimate object. My intentions of why I did such a silly thing is outlined in the description there so I won't drag you down with my boring explanations. Rather, I understand that the Hayworth Vanity found at Pier 1 is quite the hit and received a comment asking whether the Broadway Mirror would fit on said vanity. I quickly responded, but me being a more visual person, tend to prefer pictures. I thought to myself if I asked the same question, wouldn't I love me some colorful examples over boring text? Yes, actually I would! So here are a couple a lot for you and hopefully they are useful to some folks. Cheers!


You will get more table space if you place your Hayworth vanity a few inches away from the wall and leave half of the mirror base floating.

You can maximize the table space by adding a 1/4" annealed glass top cut to the dimensions of the vanity. This little extra addition will make up for the lost real estate caused by the wood trim framing the beveled mirror inset to the table top. I like a flat polished edge. If you don't round the corners be sure to ask for rubber guards to stick at the edge tip. Also, remember to ask for those plastic disc-shaped wafers that fit between the glass and the table's surface so air can pass through.

This is a temporary setting as I am expecting a larger mirrored desk from the Basset Mirror Company. A few more decorative and functional touches will be added ... hint: one wall will be mauled with circular mirrors. The walls will be painted a soft gray and china white. What else am I leaving out? Whatever it is, I'm sure it will come back to me.

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